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Branches Domestic Violence Shelter offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to match individuals with a rewarding experience that meets their talents, time, and desire to help.  Whether you want to serve one hour on a single day or ten hours per week, you can choose an opportunity that best meets your needs. 

Client safety is of the utmost importance to Branches, and confidentiality is a key component of keeping clients, staff, and volunteers safe.  These standards of confidentiality and respect for privacy will be expected from community volunteers in the same way as they are expected of staff.


Therefore, as part of our volunteer program, you may be asked to provide a volunteer application, sign a confidentiality form, media release, or complete a background check.  Not all of these steps are necessary for every opportunity, but it's important to know that each may be expected of you during your volunteer experience. 


Please take a moment to explore some of our unique volunteer options below to determine if any of these are a great fit for you. 

At this time, Branches cannot accommodate court-mandated community service hours. 

Shelter Volunteers

Event Volunteers

Indirect Service Volunteers

Internship Opportunities 

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