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LGBTQ+ Services 

If you are in a LGBTQ+ relationship and experiencing domestic violence, Branches is here to help!  Branches is proud to serve anyone who is experiencing domestic violence, and strives to offer all services in a safe, inclusive environment.  Services include emergency shelter, court advocacy, or crisis counseling.  

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If you are experiencing domestic violence, you can call 304-529-2382 any time 24/7 to speak with an advocate and learn more about the completely free services Branches provides. 

Not sure if you're experiencing Domestic violence? 

Members of the LGBTQ+ community often experience specific barriers and abuses that can look different than hetero-relationships  You can use this powerful tool called the LGBTQ+ power and control wheel to see some examples of abuse that are specific to this community.   Some examples include: 

  • threatening to out you to friends or family

  • threatening your employment by sabotaging job opportunities 

  • threatening to or actually outing you so that you'll lose custody of children

  • enforcing homophobic attitudes and values within the relationship

  • accusing you of not being "gay" or "lesbian" enough

  • invalidating bisexuality in the relationship 

  • using isolation from friends, family, and support networks to maintain control


If you're an ally, please see the table below to help understand how to respectfully discuss LGBTQ+ identities.  

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Please see our resource library for more information for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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