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Branches Director Receives Statewide Award for Excellence

The West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WVCADV) has selected Amanda McComas, Branches Domestic Violence Shelter’s Executive Director to receive the annual Diane Reese Advocacy Award for 2020. Honored during the month of October, which is nationally recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are pleased to announce her acceptance of this prestigious state-wide award.

Since 2010, Amanda has been working to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence victims served by Branches. During her tenure, Amanda has proven herself to be a model of leadership and commitment to this community as the Executive Director. Under her leadership, Amanda has grown the agency to 20 full time staff members and accomplished the task of opening a second emergency shelter in Putnam County making Branches Domestic Violence Shelter the first licensed program in the state of WV to operate two emergency shelters. As the Executive Director, Amanda shows an authentic commitment to meaningful collaboration with service to the Cabell-Huntington-Wayne Continuum of Care (COC) Steering Committee, and as chair of the COC Training Committee as well as Vice-Chair of the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Board of Directors, is chair of the board’s Development Committee & is co-chair of their membership committee. Amanda’s spirited dedication to social justice and inclusion has resulted in better access to services for those experiencing domestic violence that may experience unique barriers such as men, members of the LGBTQ+ community and communities of color. Amanda diligently works to create a working environment that is a safe place for anyone to seek help.

Amanda’s passion for helping victims of domestic violence is evidenced by the strength of the agency she leads and the effort she puts forth every single day to ensure that the Branches service area is a safer place for all. Amanda’s desire to end domestic violence is unparalleled in our field and her work ethic, humility, and respectability should be considered a roadmap to success and a source of inspiration for advocates across the state.

The Diane Reese Advocacy Award honors an individual who exemplifies the outstanding commitment to social justice and advocacy for battered women that Diane Reese showed throughout her life. Diane Reese demonstrated her commitment to a broad vision of social justice by working on a multitude of issues, including domestic violence. Diane was a Team Coordinator of the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence for 14 years, and was active in numerous statewide and national projects to improve services and supports for battered women and their children, and to expand the vision of justice for those affected by domestic violence. Diane was a true advocate, helping others to realize their own potential and living by the principles of empowerment and equality. Amanda McComas is the perfect embodiment of the Diane Reese Advocacy Award.

For more information visit or call Branches Domestic Violence Shelter at 304-529-2382.

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