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Learn more: Human Trafficking & Stalking

As many of you know, this month is both Human Trafficking Awareness and Stalking Awareness month. As part of our efforts to provide information about these two equally important and often over-looked victimizations--we're pulling together a collection of resources, but also a variety of places you can spot themes of stalking and human trafficking in the media.

Disclaimer: Branches strives to bring attention to socially responsible depictions of these victimizations. In the meantime, in the spirit of full disclosure, Branches would like provide a variety of experiences and perspectives related to the issue. We do not anticipate that fictionalized accounts will provide strictly accurate information for survivors nor do we expect that it will always align with Branches' advocacy approach.

Trigger Warning: Please go forward with caution! Some of the stories depicted below may be triggering for some people. Above all, we hope you'll take care of yourself.


SPARC--The Stalking Prevention & Awareness Resource Center

FRIS--WV Foundation for Rape Information & Services on Stalking

Polaris--an information resource on the prevalence of human trafficking

Spotted in the Media:

Wind River, film, 2017 (human trafficking)

You, series, Netflix, 2019 (stalking)

BONUS CONTENT: Check out SPARC's Discussion Guide for You

Boy Gets Girl, play script, 2011 (stalking)

On Human Trafficking with Angie Conn, Root for Each Other, podcast , 2022 (Human Trafficking)

On Stalking with Dana Fleitman, Root for Each Other, podcast, 2022 (Stalking)

Human Trafficking Advocacy Services with Katie Spriggs, Root for Each Other, podcast, 2024 (Human Trafficking)

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