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Wayne Co. Commission proclaims October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month


September 20, 2018

Wayne Co. Commission proclaims October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in support of Branches Domestic Violence Shelter

On September 24th at 10:30am, during their monthly meeting at the Wayne County Courthouse, the Wayne County Commission will proclaim October as domestic violence awareness month in an effort to draw attention to the serious issue of domestic violence. The proclamation supports the mission of Branches Domestic Violence Shelter and their lifesaving services. The proclamation will highlight the prevalence of relationship violence as an issue nationally affecting 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men as well as shine a light on survivors.

At this time, Branches Domestic Violence Shelter will also place a purple wreath beside the courthouse door which will serve throughout the month of October as a symbol of remembrance for domestic violence victims and survivors in Wayne County.

This awareness campaign promotes the use of the color purple – long associated with domestic violence awareness – in creative ways throughout October to raise awareness of the issue and efforts to combat it. Branches encourages people, agencies and organizations across Wayne County to creatively incorporate purple into their day-to-day lives, whether by illuminating an office building with purple lights or simply handing out small purple ribbons.

“The proclamation helps to provide this community with an easy way to participate in the effort to spread awareness of this important issue, since awareness is a critical component of prevention and may be the spark that empowers a victim to become a survivor,” says Sara Blevins, Director of Development.

To find out more information about Branches Domestic Violence Shelter and ways you can help please visit

Branches Domestic Violence Shelter was established as a non-profit agency in 1980. Branches works to empower the increasing number of victims and their families to break the cycle of domestic violence in our area. Aside from providing housing; Branches offers legal assistance, counseling, and case management to ready our clients to become independent. Currently Branches has one operational housing shelter and four outreach offices located in adjoining counties, Mason, Putnam, Wayne, & Lincoln, to provide additional resources. ALL of Branches’ services are free of charge. Branches served over 2,000 victims in 2017.

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