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Style It in Violet 

As we learn more and more about how to connect domestic violence victims to the services they need, we find over and over again that everyone can help advocate to end domestic violence in our community.  With this in mind, Branches launched the "Style It in Violet" campaign specifically targeted to train stylists and salon owners on the signs of domestic violence and what to do if you're working with a client who might be experiencing it. 

Stylists are in an incredibly unique position to be able to not only spot these signs but to have long-term, foundations of trust with clients.  Educated stylists who know how to connect their clients to help can literally be the difference between life and death. 

If you're a salon owner or stylist...and you're ready to Style It in Violet, contact Sara Blevins, to schedule our 100% free community training with our domestic violence advocates. 

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In the News

Check out what Huntington is saying about "Style It in Violet", our FREE community training designed specifically to help stylists and salon owners identify the signs of domestic abuse in their clients. 

WSAZ, Interview with Sara Blevins O"Toole, 2023

Herald Dispatch, "Branches Fights Domestic Violence from the Salon Chair" 2023

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