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This November, Can You Help Us Support Survivors?


As an advocate, I see the impact domestic violence can have on families every single day. Working with survivors has taught me that domestic violence doesn’t always look like bruises, but homelessness, unemployment, time lost with loved ones, and fractured trust in the people who are supposed to love and care for you. It can also look like incredible strength and recovery into a life free from violence.

For example, meet Jessica:

Jessica never imagined that she would be a person that would need to come to a domestic violence shelter.For a little while after their marriage, her husband was great! She was so happy when they had their first child, a little boy.But, over time, her husband began to get more and more angry over small things.He thought she was being a baby when she said she didn’t appreciate the names he called her in front of their son.Things got so bad, that the first time he hit her, it felt normal.One night, things got way out of hand.He hit her so hard that she blacked out, without thinking, Jessica grabbed her son and ran out of the house. Fortunately, she was able to call the Branches hotline.

After arriving at the shelter, Jessica realized that not only did she not have any clothes or their belongings, but she had also left her medications and personal ID behind.She had never planned on being homeless before-the smallest things felt frustrating and overwhelming. She found herself constantly asking herself if she was doing the right thing for her son?

With some help from Branches, Jessica was able to not only recover her identifying documents, but get food, shelter, and clothing for her family.Advocates worked with her to get her into a rapid rehousing program that helped find and secure safe housing after 3 weeks in the shelter.Now, she can go to sleep knowing that both she and her son are safe.

Jessica is just one story of over a thousand stories that involve Branches’ services in the last year. Just like Jessica, we know that lots of people experiencing domestic violence just need a little help to get through a tough time.

That’s where you come in; your $25 donation means that when Jessica, injured and overwhelmed, was desperately trying to find a safe place to go, we were able to offer her a warm bed. Or when she was starting a new life in a home free from violence, we were able to give her cleaning supplies for her fresh new start. And, of course, your $25 donation means that her child will never have to go to sleep afraid his parent is going to hurt him or his mom in the middle of the night.

With your help, we can empower people like Jessica to find the path to a safe and vibrant future.

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