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Branches Launches Style It in Violet campaign with Jewel City Salon

(Huntington, WV) For many women, the line between salon and therapist’s office is razor thin. Draped under that familiar cape, sinking into the plush stylist’s chair, personal stories just have a way of spilling out.

Branches Domestic Violence Shelter will engage with that dynamic of trust to launch a life-saving campaign, Style It in Violet which allows advocates to train stylists to spot signs of domestic violence and encourage those who may be suffering to get the help they need.

Event Details:

What: Style It in Violet Private Training Event

Who: Branches Domestic Violence Shelter & Jewel City Salon

When: Sunday, January 8, 2023, at 4pm

Where: Jewel City Salon, 114 4th Avenue, Huntington WV

Why: Stylists are in a unique position, literally, to spot physical signs of abuse, such as bruising around the head and neck, which may indicate strangulation or other serious violent acts. Style It in Violet teaches hairdressers to look for these physical clues, as well as language and behavior that may suggest domestic violence. It also arms them with knowledge about resources that are available to victims, such as Branches’ support hotline and shelter.

Learn more about available trainings at

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