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Branches DVS Opens 2nd Emergency Shelter

Branches Domestic Violence Shelter Opens 2nd Emergency Shelter

Branches Domestic Violence Shelter is the first licensed domestic violence shelter in the state of West Virginia to open a second emergency shelter. Located in Putnam County, the new shelter will address the increasing need for services and growing population in this county. The Putnam County shelter provides eight additional beds for victims fleeing domestic violence and serves as a safe place for victims to heal from the trauma of abuse as well as access crisis counseling, legal advocacy, housing advocacy, food, and clothing. As the population of Putnam County continues to grow annually, so does the need for these services, and the need for safe shelter.

For the past five years Putnam County has seen an increase in population ranging from 100 to 500 people per year. West Virginia statistics show that Putnam County ranks second in population growth among the 55 counties. This has created an expansion in areas such as housing, education and job opportunities in our community. Unfortunately, this growth has also lead to a rise in domestic violence in our area. This facility will further Branches’ goal of providing a wrap-around program, meeting the needs of the victim at that critical time in their lives in their community.

“This is the culmination of many years of hard work by so many people. It would not be possible without the support of the Putnam County STOP team, community members, and volunteers that provided crucial aid and resources. They have enabled Branches to be a life-saving factor in the lives of those who most desperately need domestic violence services. ” says Megan Halstead, Putnam County Advocate. Branches Domestic Violence Shelter is committed to eliminating barriers for those seeking domestic violence services.

To find out more information about Branches Domestic Violence Shelter and ways you can help please visit

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