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Case Manager Job Description

Position Title: Case Manager 

Supervised By: Director of Client Services

Branches Domestic Violence Shelter is a nonprofit organization that is seeking interest for a second Case Manager position. This would be a full-time position consisting of 40 hours weekly with schedule deter- mined upon hire and negotiation. The salary for this position would start out at $30,000 annually.

This agency is made up of purpose- driven, hardworking individuals who spend a majority of their time formulating innovative solutions to issues that arise and working past the barriers we encounter day-today to provide life-saving services to survivors of domestic violence. The right candidate will match these ef- forts by having a passion for working directly with survivors from the point of crisis to follow-up and having high standards of maintaining confidentiality, work dependability, self-motivation and personal ethics.


A bachelor's degree in social services or related field or at least two years experience providing direct ser- vice advocacy for victims of domestic violence or related field of work is preferred but not required.

Our work is all encompassing, but candidates who possess these skills have a much greater chance of thriving in our field:

Case Management Ability – This is the core of the position as this person would assist in developing and carrying out service plans to clients.

  • Meet with clients on a minimum weekly basis.

  • Assist clients to make necessary appointments in a logical order

  • Maintain all records necessary to document case management services

  • Assist clients in carrying out a service plan needed for client to live successful, safe and violence-

    free life.

  • Connect clients with needed and available community resources, such as social service, medical,

    financial, and housing contacts.

  • Deliver transparent information about the abilities of the agencies and standing of the service


  • Frequently transport clients to accomplish their stated goals -- making planned trips to the Hun-

    tington Housing Authority, DHHR, Cabell County Court House, etc. weekly if needed.

  • Communicate with Social Worker, Legal Advocate, and Housing Advocate about the needs of

    clients as stated on service plan.

  • Meet weekly with Director of Client Services to discuss current clients and evaluate extensions.

    Confidentiality – Due to the nature of our work, our clients rely on us to maintain their private, personal information.

  • Protect client information at their discretion: having client sign a Release of Information when appropriate.

  • Respond appropriately to incoming client inquiries whether personal or professional.

  • Protect location of operating offices.

Support Ability – A major part of being an advocate is supporting a client-led service plan and offering options to every step in gaining self-sufficiency.

  • Do not discriminate on the basis of biological or assumed gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual ori- entation, religion, disability, marital status, or military status.

  • Assist clients in developing and updating their own personalized safety plans when needed.

  • Do not judge clients based on the choices they make to survive.

  • Honor autonomy.

    Reliability – This position was created to enforce consistency not only on the administrative side of our agency, but because clients rely on this individual a great deal through their journey.

  • Be on time for work and work only scheduled hours.

  • Fill out Leave Request Forms in a timely manner.

  • Answer emergency hotline crisis calls.

  • Provide appropriate intake, assessment, and evaluation of a shelter candidate.

  • Perform administrative duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

  • Serve as on-call supervisor on rotating basis with other staff (approximately one week per month).

  • Ability to legally operate a motor vehicle and provide own transportation on a daily basis.

  • Report to Director problems arising with any client

    Creativity – Advocacy is not cut and dry, black and white. Sometimes the duties of our work require us to think out of the box or out of our comfort zone.

  • Provide consistent crisis intervention.

  • Arrange emergency services to clients as needed.

  • De-escalate incidents that occur within the shelter either on shift or during on call using the least

    restrictive measures.

  • Coordinate with Director of Client Services, Development Director, and Executive Director to

    determine training needs for part-time staff.
    Respectability – Professionalism is the key to building and maintaining strong, functioning relationships.

  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings, attends pertinent off-site meetings, trainings, confer- ences, and

  • Meet regularly with supervisor to exchange pertinent information and receive supervision.

  • Maintain a professional attitude and relationship toward clients and coworkers at all times.

  • Follow organization policies and enforce them at all times.


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